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Blue indigo victorian chesterfield

Blue indigo victorian chesterfield


  • 2 Seater: L175CM X D95CM X H84CM
  • 2.5 seater: L190CM X D95CM X H84CM
  • 3 seater: L215 CM X D95CM X H84CM


Materials (Half Leather):

  • Top grain leather for Armrest, Backrest, and Cushion. 
  • Faux leather for the rest of the areas
  • Solid wood internal structure
  • High density foam cushion


Materials (Full Leather):

  • Top grain leather 
  • Solid wood internal structure
  • High density foam cushion


Made from cow hide leather. Our leather finishing are unique, which are rare to find in the singapore market. The process of making these distress looks need 2 weeks. On most hides, you can see unique grains and winkles which no hides will be uniform . 



Chesterfield which import from hungary are mainly Top grain leather, Each hide may have many imperfections, which are sanded away and buffed to obtain a smoother and glossy touch but yet remain the distress  look of the texture.

The latter has the top layer (grain) heavily processed and dye. This helps in giving a variety of options in terms of color  to choose from. 



Chesterfield which made from brazil are full grain leather, includes the two crucial components of a hide - the ‘Grain’ and the Corium. This Grain is what imparts strength, beauty and character to leather. it is the least-processed, most natural form,you will see there is marking or little scars and winkles on the skin acquired by an animal over its lifetime. and yet it is the least commonly available in the market and the most expensive leather. It creates a form of leather with winkles and hairline crack on the surface to create a vintage feel.